A day in the life: Ayesha Singh, Lawyer

Ayesha studied a Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Laws at Monash University graduating in 2017. She is now a lawyer at Clarendon Lawyers, having joined as a graduate in 2018.


One of the perks of working from home is having a more relaxed morning. I usually make myself a coffee and breakfast at this time. I conform to a true millennial style breakfast by having avocado on toast before “heading over” to the office in the next room. I would normally be getting ready to leave for work, so this is a nice change of pace.


I log on at around 8:45AM, respond to emails and review my To Do list for the day that I prepared the night before. I am definitely a “list” person!

I see that some Services Agreements I drafted for our client in the healthcare industry have been sent out. I have a look to review the final changes and make a note to ask the Director for some specific feedback later in the day.


An Associate I am working with on a new deal in the technology space calls me with instructions for some due diligence for me to complete. My first task is to prepare the skeleton Due Diligence Report, which I prepare and send to the Associate for feedback. He makes a few changes and then it is ready to be populated with our findings.


I spend the next few hours making a start on my due diligence, which includes reviewing material customer contracts and conducting public intellectual property searches. I start populating the Due Diligence Report with my key findings and recommendations, which includes reporting on topics such as exclusivity restrictions and IP ownership rights in the material contracts.


By now I am starting to get hungry, so I make myself some lunch and take a break. I take advantage of the nice weather and go for a walk (which has now become one of my favourite parts of my working from home routine!). I also catch up on the latest episode of the Shameless podcast, which is amusingly advertised as a podcast for “smart people who love dumb things”.


A few emails have come in which I respond to. A client whom I do a lot of work for has e-mailed me directly asking if we have some particular ASIC company searches. We have these saved on our system, so I quickly send these back to her.

In another email, one of the other junior lawyers is after an Investor Side Letter which I worked on in a previous matter, so I send this to her.

Finally, one of the Graduates has sent me his first draft of an article we are preparing on the new Director Identification Number regime. It looks good, so I suggest a few minor changes and send this back to the Graduate.


The client whom we sent the Services Agreements to would like to discuss their feedback with the Director and me. We attend a phone call and discuss the proposed amendments based on the client’s needs. I then put through the proposed amendments and send the Agreements back to the Director for his review.


I return to my Due Diligence Report and also keep a log of “Requests for Information” that we will need to send to the seller. Requests for Information are provided to the seller in order to ascertain further particulars on various issues we have identified throughout the due diligence exercise.


I am the buddy to one of the first-year lawyers in our firm. We would usually catch up for coffees in person, but given current circumstances we do a Facetime coffee! We chat about our weekends and what we have been up to. It is nice to touch base and see how she is going.


I return to my Due Diligence Report. It is a time-consuming process, but as it is one of the more common tasks for a junior lawyer, the more experience the better. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about the business and the commercial risks and drivers, which will come into play when drafting the transaction documents.


An email comes from another Director to ask if I have capacity to assist with a new matter tomorrow. One of the great things about our firm is the non-silo structure, meaning that we work for a variety of the Directors.  I call him to let him know I have capacity and get instructions. I learn that I will be reviewing a Unit Trust Deed and some related documentation to let the client know if there are any unfavourable provisions and if we have any suggested changes. I add this to my to-do list for the next day and return to my due diligence report.


The Associate I am doing the due diligence for gives me a call to check in on how I went today and to see if I have any questions. We discuss what still remains outstanding and agree a strategy for the next day. We are in a good position with our due diligence so I finalise my to-do list for the next day and submit my time entries.

After work, I like to do a home workout using my new favourite fitness app (today is a HIIT day) before I cook dinner and settle in to watch some TV. I nestle into my wind down routine with a podcast that narrates the Harry Potter series and prepare for another day tomorrow!